Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inspiration! Feed my face? No! Feed my soul!

1. Quote on Nikki's LeanBody Lifestyles facebook page:  "If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!"  Yes!  So simple. So true. It made me laugh out loud. Stop giving up!

2. On her page, talking about non-food motivators and rewards for success.  Historically, the only rewards that come to mind for myself involve food and/or money. I am really digging down to the foundations of my habits and thinking patterns this year, working to change things from the ground up. This rewards issue has been a tough puzzle for me. In a conversation with Nikki on her page, I got inspiration at last. She suggested "me time" types of rewards, like a hot bath with candles, or curling up (and being left alone!) with a good book. That sparked a thought in me. My absolute favorite thing I did last year was a breakfast hike with Eldest Daughter Heather. We packed a healthy breakfast in daypacks and went for a hike. We ate our breakfast sitting on a hillside, overlooking our valley. It was perfect! That is the sort of thing that will motivate me! That is the kind of reward I need! Time with my favorite people, doing healthy happy things, building wonderful memories! Instead of feeding my face, I will feed my soul!

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